Remember That “Scale Of The Universe” Stuff I Posted?

Well this is kind of like that. First, check it out. Vilmar had this pic up the other day. It looks like an alien in a plasticized space suit–but no, that’s its skin. It’s a water bear:


According to Vilmar you can burn these microscopic monsters, poison ’em, even bath ’em with gamma rays and they won’t die. They can live in acid. So, it occurred to me that my coffee is full of them. Let’s see…


Well…I’m clearly going to need to add some Jameson to my cup if this is going to continue. No one said science was easy.

(Escher coffee gif stolen from Bunk.)

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  1. I started to type five minutes ago…

    That gif is hypnotic.

  2. Ah, and Jameson is a lovely wee tipple to be sterilizing with!

  3. Critter

     /  March 8, 2013

    whiskey. good idea.

  4. That gif made me frow up a bit in my mowf.

  5. The first pic looks like my ex.

  6. Ogrrre

     /  March 13, 2013

    Airdale, were we married to the same broad? Bitch does get around, doesn’t she? Remember the old “at least she has a nice personality”? That did not describe my ex. Yours?

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