Sunday Sun Rising


Rachelle Wilde

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  1. Something’s risin’, but it ain’t the Sun. 😉

    BTW, just as test of why the PressWord pukes got their panties stuck in their collective cunts….

    I heard a rumor on the Intarwebz that Weepy Bill McKitten was once caught in a ménage à trois with Michael Mann-made Hockey Stick and the bloated corpse of a clubbed baby fur seal while chanting “The flood is coming! The flood is coming!”. Mind you, this is only a vicious rumor, but it’s up to THEM to prove that this heinous crime against one of Mother Gaia’s innocent creatures didn’t happen.

  2. I put that straight line in the title for just that reason, BC. Way to go.

    And as to rumors about Weepy Bill’s crude oil-slathered boy buggery bivouacs being the real reason he opposes Keystone XL, I can only say, I haven’t heard any. But as you say, that doesn’t mean they can’t prove it isn’t true. 😆

  3. DaninVan

     /  March 11, 2013

    That there beauty deserves me!

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