A Whole New Level Of Green $camulus

carbon_particleYesterday, at Hot Air, Jazz Shaw posed the question: “How well will new Energy Secretary Moniz play with the EPA?” To me, the answer is obvious–he will play very nicely. You thought Solyndra, Fisker, First Solar and the Chevy El Fuego Volt were bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Why do I say that? Because, as Shaw noted, physicist Ernest Moniz’ baby is sequestration. No–not that one, Carbon Sequestration, which in non-Thermageddon-monger-speak means burying CO2 in a deep underground vault as if it were Rubidium-87.

This, as teh Aussies, Pommies and Canucks can attest, has proven to be a particularly impossible thing to do. One study said even if an underground reservoir could withstand the ever-increasing pressures of injected gas, it would have to be “the size of a small us state.”

But physicists love solving impossible problems–especially when they have nearly unlimited $$$$ to throw at them, which Moniz will. The Pommies, who admitted to “wasting $1.6 billion” on this snark hunt last year, are planning to do it again. Well, we’re Americans, dammit! We can waste more money than the Limeys–Forward!

Prediction: Here’s how Moniz will play with the EPA. The new EPA regs set CO2 emission standards for power plants burning natural gas which no coal plant can meet? He’ll get them waivers…as long as they pour money down whatever number of sequestration holes the EPA picks out of thin air. Obama gets to say, “Look, all-of-the-above!”, while making the price of the cheapest most abundant energy resource on the planet Skyrocket. Just like he said he would…


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  1. Eric Praline

     /  March 12, 2013

    I think I have a compromise that will please everyone. Let’s bury EPA and DOE employees into giant underground vaults.

  2. Eric, FOR THE WIN!!!

  3. DaninVan

     /  March 12, 2013

    Eric; that’d likely cause aquifer contamination… 😉

  4. DV–I just tweeted that from Junk Science. You know the answer, of course…Low Protein Diet. 😆
    Sometimes, I can’t be beat.

  5. SG, I guess that fat lesbian study just goes to show that going meatless and being a vagitarian doesn’t necessarily guarantee that one will stay svelte. 😀

  6. Speaking of the Glow Bull Wormers, check out who got his ass handed to him at the box office this past weekend? 😀


    Earns just $45,000.00 nationwide on opening weekend – film cost $1.5 million to make.

    That, my friends, is some puddin’-dippin’ goodliness, right there! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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