Congrats To The Pommies

GoogleBritainThe first of the International Go(oglers) to find the new site. Don’t suppose it has anything to do with the Skank/Lesbian/Feminist/Trolls petitioning to shut down Page Three? That’s an outrage, they should be flogged naked in Trafalgar Square…except that they are Skank/Lesbian/Feminist/Trolls and there are probably (reasonable, for a change) Elf ‘n Safety regs against seeing them uncovered in public. Far better to see a Whole Lotta Rosie

rosie-jones-2009-nuts-union-jack-007(Click to embiggenify.)

Okay, the Brits were just the first Go(oglers). The Indonesians were the first international minions on site…more on that later. 😉

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