ICYMI — ClimateGate 3.0

I case you missed it Junk Science, Tom Nelson, Climate Audit, WUWT and Jo Nova, to name a few, all had 220,247 emails sent to them by FOIA…with the decryption key. No grand conspiracy funded by the Koch brothers–just one person with a conscience. FOIA speculates there is nothing earth-shattering to find there, but it’s possible…for anyone with a teraflop speed machine and the time to wade through it. Still, great job. Thanks for 2009.


Here’s Lubos’ take. Stay tuned.

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  1. Saw it here first – went to WUWT – Yay!

    It’s gonna take a while for the skeptics to go thru 220K emails, but I’m sure the arrogant butt-cracks in the Alarmist camp put their head up their back passage again! How could they not? 🙂

  2. Yeah, McGoo, the best stuff–faking the numbers, denying publication of contrary data, discrediting opponents–we got first. It’s unlikely that anything as good remains, and it’s a lot of material. Still, faint heart never screwed the upstairs maid. Go for it guys!
    PS. Lubos sent over some traffic after I pimped his piece. He lifted the event-horizon clock too. The most snoochtastic stringmatician on teh planet. 🙂

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