Blogasm: Droning Drivel

Well, for the week or so that I’ve been here–without pimpage from the old site, or four years worth of snark or archives de snoocherie to entice minions–traffic is averaging about 12 percent of where it was. I based that on yesterday’s total and today’s pre-noon count. I skipped Monday because of the boost from Wombat over at Stacy’s So my first target average will be around 18 percent, just over 1k per day. With luck I’ll get to 50 percent, around 3k, by the end of the year.

But since you guys don’t care, on with the marketing campaign!


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  1. B.C.

     /  March 15, 2013

    Just keep pumping out the hits tits and the hits will keep rising.

    If you snooch it, they will cum.”

  2. Chris

     /  March 15, 2013

    Dear SG,

    Please allow me to express my complete disagreement with your assertion that your minions, and in my case, underling (I’ve been called both, in public, by patients I was caring for.) don’t care that you devote every day to the care and feeding of you assembles snooch addicts, snark gobblers, and general ne’r do wells.

    Umbrage, I say!

    Just because we are ungrateful little stooges who fail to recognize, and subsequently adulate the unflagging effort you put into this blog should no way lead you think that we hold you in any less than the devotional adoration you so deeply need, er, I mean richly deserve.

    I only come to your site 4 or 5 times daily because my wife keeps poking her head in my office to catch me snootchificatin’.

    Yours cordially,


    Now, more snootch if you please.

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