The Ultimate Green FAIL Symbol


That’s right. It collapsed in Kyoto! Bwuhahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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  1. B.C.

     /  March 15, 2013

    Kosmic Karmic Ironicalness at its penultimate level! 😀 😀 😀 😀

  2. Yeah, BC. Short of Algore and Mann being snap frozen to death in mid-bugger on a tropical cruise, I don’t think this can easily be beat.

  3. Drifter

     /  March 15, 2013

    How many hara-kiris until now?

  4. Probably only one or two government types, Drifter. I’m guessing the Carbon Crucifix in question was built by the Chinese. So, they’re just laughing.
    Welcome to the puzzle house.

  5. Hara kiri? More like a Kobayashi Maru, motherfucker!

  6. B.C.

     /  March 15, 2013

    Is that a new electric car model from Nissan or an outfielder for the Seattle Mariners, Aggie?

  7. Azygos

     /  March 16, 2013

    Hara Kiri mispronounced like most Americans do sounds to Japanese speakers like you are saying “Windy Turtle”

  8. cmblake6

     /  March 16, 2013

    Reblogged this on Cmblake6's Weblog and commented:
    Renewable energy you say? Uhm, yeah.

  9. Hey?

    Motor spooge? I see no molten motor spooge!

    Your site background has lots of molten flaming motor spooge!

    I like seein’ the juice!

  10. Azygos–Windy Turtle would be a great hyperverse handle. A flatulent cartoon superhero? Finding the right avatar could be tricky. Lemur King might be of assistance. I should ask.

  11. dan

     /  March 16, 2013

    i like Windy Turtle….it just sings.
    Also,may I submit a local band that I enjoy…
    Trampled by Turtles :

  12. I does sing, doesn’t it, Dan.

  13. Ogrrre

     /  March 16, 2013

    That explains the rising carbon dioxide and methane levels. Apparently, Great A’Tuin, the sky turtle, upon whose back stand the four elephants, upon whose backs rests the earth, ate some cosmic pinto beans, and he/she/it has been passing really rancid gasses. Hence the Windy Turtle and the increasing greenhouse gasses.

  14. B.C.

     /  March 16, 2013

    As soon as I read “windy turtle”, I thought of this classic movie monster:

  15. Ah, many an acid fueled evening spent in high school with like minded reprobates watching the Japanese classics like Gamera. Ah, the memories…at least I think they’re memories.

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