When The Hoax Hour Is Late…

You must re-date. Yes, the latest, much-hyped “New-And-Improved Hockey Stick” that the Red Estate assures us proves global warming–though there hasn’t been any in 17 years–is in freefall. Steve McIntyre does it again with the Marcott-Shakun Dating Service.

First, from Marcott’s own PhD thesis…

thesis-short1And, after adjustments, the one published in Science magazine…

figure-1cThis may be even more damaging to the Mann Carbon Cabal than his original bogus chart because of all the “it’s true” hype. How much hype will there be when Science retracts the submission? That was rhetorical, of course.

UPDATE via Steve Goddard:

Picture 1


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  1. BC

     /  March 17, 2013

    As I asked over at WUWT, “Are hockey sticks on the Endangered Species List yet?” 😀

  2. Good one, BC.
    You know, it would only take throwing one of these thieves in jail for fraud and it wouldn’t matter how much money George Soros spends. It would be over.

  3. BC

     /  March 17, 2013

    Imagine the chances of that happening with Eric “Guns For Gangs, But Not U.S. Citizens” Holder at the helm of the Dept. of Injustice? You’d sooner see Rosie O’Donuts and Mickey Moore-on pass up a free, all-you-can-eat lard-fried lard casserole buffet than see one of these frauds prosecuted by the current regime. Hell, that’d be like Hitler putting Goebbels on trial for lying to the German people— It just wouldn’t happen. (Or Obongo opening his mouth and an untruth a lie not spewing forth.)

    “Hockey Sticks: They just don’t make ’em like they used to.”

  4. BC

     /  March 17, 2013

    Ya’ know, if I had the artistic skills of a certain blogger (who shall remain nameless), I’d make up a cartoon of a hulking, hockey-masked Steve McIntyre (ala “Jason Voorhees”) holding a broken hockey stick and call him “The Hockey Stick Killer”. 😀

  5. It doesn’t have to happen here, BC. The Ozzies jailing Flannel-head Flannery…hell, the Brits threw Chris Huhne in jail last week–for another crime, but still.
    The ultimate would be the Canuckistanis throwing nutcase horndog (So I’ve heard from his stipulations about having nubile body guards at certain universities) David Suzuki in the slammer, better yet into the oil sands.

  6. DaninVan

     /  March 18, 2013

    How in the name of all that’s Holy did this paper ever make it past the peer review crowd at Science?! If this doesn’t drive a stake through their reputation (this time) then nothing will.
    You notice how it’s always the same journals flogging the dead horse?
    Gee, could it be because they’re the ones that target the public readership, rather than the dedicated professionals?
    Hopefully there’s eyes on who abandons the ship this time (Monbiot, and Lovelock got off at the last port)…

  7. DaninVan

     /  March 18, 2013
  8. Since the idiot obviously got his PhD thesis wrong, his orals committee should take it away from him! 🙂

  9. I thought of that, McGoo. Either way, that assclown is fucked. 😆

  10. Bwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahaha.

  11. DV, McGoo, BC–Check out the update I added from Anthony and Richard Tol via Steve Goddard.

  12. DaninVan

     /  March 18, 2013

    ?!…Wouldn’t that be something like a convict submitting personal references from fellow cons to the Parole Board?

  13. Sounds about right to me, DV.

  14. Struan Robertson

     /  March 18, 2013

    Over at Theo’s, Alan Caruba takes Piers Corbyn (Weather Action) out for a spin with “The Mini-Ice Age Has Arrived”


  15. Thanks Struan. I’ll take a look.

  16. BC

     /  March 18, 2013

    Mikey Mann-Made Glow Bull Worming is rumored to be one of the reviewers co-conspirators in this Anthropogenic Arithmetical Abortion? Oooooooooooh, that is just fuckin’ CLASSIC puddin’ dippin’ goodliness!

    “Two Broken Sticks And You’re OUT, Mikey!”

    “Mikey Mann Deserves Lifetime Tenure At Penn State Sentence In The Penalty Box For Repeated High-Sticking”

    (I’ll be back with more later on.) 😀

  17. That’s the scuttlebutt, had to add it to the mix. It does make sense, you’re supposed to call in experts in the field for review.
    As it is, however, Eddie the water-head, who wrangles shopping carts down at my local supermarket, would be an expert when it comes to “Climate Science.” He, at least, knows when to come in out of the rain.
    What’s running down Mann’s back isn’t rain, though.

  18. BC

     /  March 18, 2013

    Goatse Boy is gonna look like a veritable virgin compared to these Katastrophic Klimate Klownshoes by the time The Hockey Stick Killer and his crew are through with them. 😀

    Handjobs & Hockey Sticks: Two-Bit Whore Specialties

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