Your Evening Awesome


Hmm, she seems to have some metallic accouterments. Well…


Don’t Eat The Brown Acid!


Found somewhere on Tumblr.

Brain Candy: Scanner Glitch

But it’s not. Artist Ferruccio Laviani carved it this way…


Found here.

Kenny’s Hockey Stick

Kenny's Hickey StickLate Friday, Wirecutter pimped the new Soylent address and, as a result, sent more than 1,000 snoochers my way on Saturday. Thanks Kenny.

He had always sent a reliably reasonable number of daily visitors to my previous sites, but never a surge like that. What I found interesting is his cadre of international minions. As you are probably aware, Google now uses country-specific servers/routers. WordPress stats segregate their users accordingly. Check out where some of the minions Kenny (ogdaa.blogspot) referred logged in from:

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 2.13.02 PM(Click to embiggenify, if needed.)

Not surprisingly, the gun-phobic Pommies are nowhere to be seen at Kenny’s, but as with my general audience, the Canucks and Aussies are the next biggest crew. But, the Netherlands? India? Singapore…? Damn, Kenny. Good work.

Now back when I had 5000+ visitors a day, I’d have reciprocated. But as I only managed to send 9 people there with this yesterday, it seems a bit pointless. On the other hand, in my quest to re-find some of my old art I found my Chain Bra Linky Love Girl, Juliane. So…

Juliane-Raschke-5(You may want to embiggenify that.)

…Go show Kenny some love–all 9 of you. You never know, he might have some new cameltoe. 😉 Yeah, I had to find that again too.

Yeah, I’ve Been That Fucked Up*

I Got This

Yeah, baby…We gonna get busy…I’m gonna be on you like… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

*Homage de Wirecutter.

Yeti Hunting: Official Regulations


Adivice-to-Yeti-Hunters-1(Click to embiggenify.)

Forgot One

Last night’s overnight open thread at Ace’s began with a quiz about identifying popular children’s books. But it left out an important one…

vhc(Stolen from Sanyo.)

That New Black-Hole Watch Working Out For You?

time(From Sushi Bandit)

It’s Been A Year…? Feels Like 10.

bayonetYep, It’s been one year since DB vanished from the virtual vortex. No Weekly AGW Scam Updates, No Snark, No Weepy Bill Mockery, and worst of all–No Global Warming Hotties.

Oh, and the comedy material he’s missed…Hansen’s 250 feet of sea level rise, Weepy Bill’s #ForwardOnClimate Rally FAIL in 19 degree weather…the slow-motion train wreck of the EUnuch Carbon Indulgence Market FAIL…Captain Carbon selling Current TV to Jihadi mouthpiece Al Jazeera–and then being sued and investigated by the feds. Ah, the snark we’ve missed.

Hopefully, he’ll return one day. Until then, we’ll keep a light on for him…unless of course a dust storm covers the unicorn-fart panels or the bird shredder catches fire. Wait, Did I say “Weepy Bill”? Yes. Yes I did. That can only mean…DB’s Global Warming Hotties:



And, gotta throw in a Canadian, right…?


That might get his attention. What do you think?

Who Says…

There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues?


Well, yes. They did…

Snow stolen from Sanyo. Who else? 😉