I Missed This Survivor Episode




Desert Island…? Yeah, sign me up.

You may want to embiggenify those, just sayin’.

Humpday Hawt Featurette


Karen McDougal

Karen McDougal 1997 by Stephen Wayda



Tuesday Tit-illation: Sabine


sabine jemeljanova_09

Evening Awesome: Ariana


Ariana Loken

Monday Motivationator: Tamara

Tamara Witmer

Playmate TestNow go! Fight! Win! And don’t forget to embiggenify.

Kenny’s Hockey Stick

Kenny's Hickey StickLate Friday, Wirecutter pimped the new Soylent address and, as a result, sent more than 1,000 snoochers my way on Saturday. Thanks Kenny.

He had always sent a reliably reasonable number of daily visitors to my previous sites, but never a surge like that. What I found interesting is his cadre of international minions. As you are probably aware, Google now uses country-specific servers/routers. WordPress stats segregate their users accordingly. Check out where some of the minions Kenny (ogdaa.blogspot) referred logged in from:

Screen Shot 2013-03-16 at 2.13.02 PM(Click to embiggenify, if needed.)

Not surprisingly, the gun-phobic Pommies are nowhere to be seen at Kenny’s, but as with my general audience, the Canucks and Aussies are the next biggest crew. But, the Netherlands? India? Singapore…? Damn, Kenny. Good work.

Now back when I had 5000+ visitors a day, I’d have reciprocated. But as I only managed to send 9 people there with this yesterday, it seems a bit pointless. On the other hand, in my quest to re-find some of my old art I found my Chain Bra Linky Love Girl, Juliane. So…

Juliane-Raschke-5(You may want to embiggenify that.)

…Go show Kenny some love–all 9 of you. You never know, he might have some new cameltoe. 😉 Yeah, I had to find that again too.

Have A Spassfabrik St. Patty’s Day




Hayden Winters_7



I love a parade. 🙂 You might want to embiggenify those, especially the last one.

If All You See Is…*

A planet-killing plastic water bottle…


You might be a Warmer/EUnuch/Socialist Eco-tard.

*A special shoutout to William Teach at Pirate’s Cove.

Weekend Wahini


Yeah, I’m nowhere near the beach, because the river doesn’t have one. But If I were, more than just the surf would be up. Cowabunga!

OverNighty: Janine


Janine Habeck