Congrats To The Pommies

GoogleBritainThe first of the International Go(oglers) to find the new site. Don’t suppose it has anything to do with the Skank/Lesbian/Feminist/Trolls petitioning to shut down Page Three? That’s an outrage, they should be flogged naked in Trafalgar Square…except that they are Skank/Lesbian/Feminist/Trolls and there are probably (reasonable, for a change) Elf ‘n Safety regs against seeing them uncovered in public. Far better to see a Whole Lotta Rosie

rosie-jones-2009-nuts-union-jack-007(Click to embiggenify.)

Okay, the Brits were just the first Go(oglers). The Indonesians were the first international minions on site…more on that later. 😉

Who Says…

There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues?


Well, yes. They did…

Snow stolen from Sanyo. Who else? 😉

Alvin Lee Goes Home, 1944-2013

83nycpalladiumWho is this guy? That was the reaction I and all my budding musician friends had when we saw Alvin Lee’s performance of “I’m Goin’ Home” at Woodstock in 1969. Unbeknownst to most of us colonials, Lee had already been burning the six-string for four years before that across the pond.

He died in Spain from complications following “routine surgery.” He was 68.

Couldn’t help but be reminded of another great guitarist who died during a tonsillectomy. Routine surgery is never routine.

So long, Alvin. Say hi to Eddie for me.